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Bluetooth connection often disconnected?

1. Whether the distance between the watch and the mobile phone is too far. If it is more than 7 meters away, the effect of Bluetooth connection will be weakened
2. Check whether the Bluetooth of the mobile phone is turned off or the power saving mode is turned on
3. In order to maintain the always connected state, it is necessary to keep the black plus app in the active state without being terminated by the system.
4. How to open the background operation permission of Android mobile phone: enter the black plus app - my - background operation, select the corresponding mobile phone model, and open the permission according to the instructions
5. When the app exits the background operation, the IOS system may automatically close the background process, resulting in the disconnection of the connection. It is recommended to pair with the system Bluetooth, so that even if the process is terminated by the system, the message notification and other functions will not be affected
6. The Bluetooth of the mobile phone is abnormal. Please try to restart the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and the watch