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Affiliate Program Apply Guidance

1.Firstly, fill out your information to create an affise account, we will send you an email within 2 days when your account is active.


2.Sign in to your account after receiving the status changed notification email from us.


3.Find the correct offer on the bottom of your dashboard and click to check more details.


4.Simply describe how you will promote our product then apply for the offer.


5.Check the tickets on the “Support” page, and click the link to see the responds from the manager.You will see a ticket when we approve your offer request. You can also submit a ticket at anytime when you have questions or suggestions, we are always glad to help.


6.Get your referral link on the “Offers” page, remember to select the correct offer.


7.Copy the “Tracking link” and share it on your websites or social media sites.You can select the product page or purchase page to promote.

*You can perform better if you promoting with the attractive creatives and great description.


8.Check your data/daily performance on the “Statistics” page.


9.Check the latest news from all brand offers on the “News” page, you can also apply for the offer that you are interested in.


10.Remember to add your payout method/”PAYMENT SYSTEM” so you can successfully receive your payment.


*Feel free to submit a ticket anytime when you have questions or suggestions.