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heyplus Runner

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 · Your safe fitness buddy with open-ear bone conduction acoustics
 · 33g ultra-light for comfortable wear
 · IP67 waterproof
 · Bluetooth 5.0
 · 16G memory for offline music playback
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Water Resistance

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Battery Capacity


Battery Life

5 hours

Battery Charging Time

2 hours

Package List

heyplus Runner Headphones*1 | USB charging cable*1 | User manual*1

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1, After unpacking to confirm whether the headset has power (when the power is insufficient, please charge first); 2, Long press long press multi-function key for 3 seconds, the blue light is always on for 3 seconds, red / blue light alternately flashing, accompanied by a "drop" tone; 3, The phone open the Bluetooth search headset, from the Bluetooth list, find "Runner", and click connect, open the music player to play; 4, There are volume keys on the headset, you can directly adjust the volume, double-click the volume key to cut the song.

heyplus Runner belongs to the bone conduction sports headphones, the principle of sound transmission is to transmit sound with the help of human bones, nerves, muscles. Bone conduction does not enter the ear, healthier, safer and more hygienic.

Headphone with charging cable (without charging head, ordinary cell phone charging head available), charging interface: USB + type C.

Battery capacity of 180mAh , charging time of 2 hours, 5 hours of battery life.

Waterproof rating: IP67 level waterproof. Meet the needs of daily sports, no fear of sweat and rain, but please do not contact warm water or swimming wear, so as not to damage affect the use.

Bluetooth connection status, can support incoming call answering call function, offline status does not support.

heyplus Runner has developed the exclusive OT Leakage Reduction 3.0 technology to minimize external sound leakage. Open without external leakage, protect your ears and enjoy the wonderful sound quality at the same time.

Headphones need to hang on the ear to wear, so sweating does not affect the use of , the movement is not easy to fall off.

Support. Multiple devices can be connected at the same time, not at the same time, can support multiple devices switch to use.

Support aac, sbc encoding.